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Conxi Barba - CEO Voz Media

A little more about me...

I am founder and CEO of Voz Media. I was born and raised in Andorra, although I have played my career as a voice over and agent in Cataluña (Lleida and Tarragona), on several radio stations in early days, and then as an online freelance.

I am passionate about the voice world and more after hearing over 20,000 demos of speakers and voice overs from all over the world along the past 11 years.

When I am not working you will find me walking along the beach or talking (how strange) with my friends about how to change the world.

At the moment, my obsession is to give my best in Voz Media, so I have a valuable collaborator: Josefina Cózar, a woman with charisma, inspirational and involved, who will help you in all your projects.

Josefina Cózar - Sales Manager Voz Media

A little more about me...

I wanted to be a veterinarian but my passion about music and technology took me to the broadcasting world. I graduated in Audiovisual Communication and started working in several media, but due to my entrepreneurial interest I built my own home studio to start different projects.

The day Conxi Barba proposed me to collaborate with her, I couldn't believe it! Conxi is pioneer and a reference in online voice overs, a fighter and innovative woman whose value is quality, taking care of each project in detail and pampering her greatest assets: voice overs.

As Sales Manager in Voz Media, my commitment is to collaborate with companies that, like us, seek excellence and human values.



Send us an e-mail explaining a little about your project; the type and number of voices you need, and the length of the recording or number of words. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a proposal featuring the voices that are best suited to your needs at no extra cost.

Now all that’s left is to get down to work!


That’s why, above everything else, we always emphasise the quality of our voiceovers and the first-rate deliveries of our voiceover artists.


We’ll provide the voice that you need for your project. You’ll have voiceover artists and premium native voiceover artists from all over the world available to you.

They are top-quality professionals that have great expertise in:





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What they say about us...

  • We hired you for the first time for your international voiceovers. We’ve always had great experiences with you – even when you’ve had to meet almost impossible deadlines. I don’t think there are many services that act with such professionalism and offer so many different voiceover options and languages within Spain.
    Acciona Infraestructuras
  • We started working with Voz Media after receiving references from companies they had previously collaborated with. We highly recommend the experience… professional service, attentive, responsible and committed.
  • Voz Media gives us the confidence to see through our projects. In Voz Media, we’ve found both the professionalism and flexibility that we need.
    Audiv Produccions
  • Working with Voz Media is a pleasure, both on a personal as well as a professional level. Congratulations for the consistency and a job well done!
    Mayo Films
  • We’ve worked with Voz Media on the production of 3D videos and on voiceover recordings for mobile phone applications. We’ve always obtained excellent results and a very high level of satisfaction from our clients. What’s more, they provide a friendly and professional service, giving swift responses and almost immediate solutions to any corrections that may be required. For us, Voz Media is a safe bet when it comes to voiceover work.
  • Professional, fast and attentive. I’m sure that we’ll work with them again.
  • Great professionals. A friendly and personalised service; speed and punctuality in the delivery of the work, and a competitive price. The work carried out is excellent. The intonation is great, the pronunciation is clear – especially the parts in English. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do so again in the future.
  • Voz Media provides you with the peace of mind that comes from working with a highly-professional company that guarantees promptness when meeting deadlines.
    Basilico Studio
  • We’ve worked with Voz Media for a long time from Uruguay, and they’ve always acted in a highly-professional manner; providing the quality that is required for our courses. What’s more, their respect for deadline dates and their friendly customer service makes for an extremely positive working relationship.
    Verum group
  • We chose you because we needed foreign language voiceover artists… what we like about Voz Media is its flexibility, good value for money, variety of voiceover artists and languages… we have a great working relationship with you.
  • We’ve been working with Voz Media for years. When we found you after searching for professional voiceover agencies for our e-learning services, we were very impressed by your philosophy and company practices. Since then, we have always placed new orders for voiceovers with you directly.

    Your swiftness when dealing with orders; along with your professionalism and Conxi’s attentiveness, all mean that we consider you to be more than just a supplier – but part of our own team.

    It’s a relief to be able to count on Voz Media every time we have a project that requires a professional voiceover. No matter the language, the timeframe or the different media, they always provide the solution that we need. This is also noted by our clients, who are always very satisfied with the final results.
  • We needed very specific voiceovers for a client. Voz Media, with its attentiveness; quick response, reliability and excellent work, provided us with a wide range of different voiceover artists from which to choose from. We’ve continued to order specific voiceovers for a new project and we will continue to do so. haciéndolo. 

    They have a huge bank of voiceover artists, especially for the languages that we sometimes need for our international projects. They have so much to choose from and the voiceovers are highly professional. The recording and delivery of the audio is very swift. I’m sure that we will work together again.
    Malvado Sound
  • We were looking for a supplier that could provide us with a wide range of voiceovers in different languages and an ability to respond quickly to our demands.

    We’ve been working together since 2017 and Voz Media provide a fast, high-quality service with a variety of different prices depending on the type of voiceover. We highly value the wide range of voiceover professionals available for different languages at market price.

    We maintain a great business relationship with Voz Media, and they always provide a friendly and professional service.
    MDI Consultores

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